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Ways to Enjoy your Baby

For many first time parents, having a newborn in the house can be overwhelming.  After all, you now have a little human that relies 100% on you, for food, changing, dressing, bathing, milk, love, everything.  Because of the initial stress that you as a new parent might feel, you might find it difficult to settle down and enjoy your baby.  Sure, you need to feel protective but you also need to relax so you can take it all in.

Newborns do not come with any instructions.  Although you will find a wealth of information on the internet and through books, many of the things you learn as a parent will come naturally or through experience.  However, to ensure you get to enjoy your baby to the fullest, consider these recommendations.

When your baby is rested, he or she is going to be in a much better mood.  However, you too will need to get as much sleep as possible.  Therefore, when your baby goes down for a nap, you should also consider napping.  With the two of you refreshed and de-stressed, you will enjoy your baby much more.

The Big Picture

On those days that you feel tired, stressed, or overwhelmed, remind yourself of the big picture.  Your tiny baby will be a walking, talking kid in one year.  Time is precious so you need to enjoy your baby, knowing that he or she is not going to stay little for long.  Therefore, instead of focusing on the negative things, such as fatigue, or questioning your ability to parent, stop and look at the big picture.

Quality Time

Even as a small baby, you can establish quality time.  For instance, with your baby secure in a bath seat, you could read or sing to him or her.  When your baby is awake, consider doing baby exercises.  In fact, many classes are now available whereby the parent and baby go together, working out to specific body movements designed to strengthen the baby.

Playing Games

Although you will be somewhat limited for a few months, your baby will soon discover that he or she loves to play games.  For instance, consider buying your child a baby doll to play with, allowing you to enjoy your baby as you see natural nurturing traits come out.  You could also make various baby faces to a small child, watching him/her giggling with delight.  Babies also love going for little blanket rids.  In this case, place your baby safely on his/her back and then on a flat floor surface, pull the baby around.  Chances are that he/she will laugh, wanting more.

Quiet Time

All parents should make quiet time for their babies.  This might mean letting the baby take a nap next to mom or dad, rocking the baby while humming a song, or putting the baby on the floor next to you and simply admiring this wonderful creation.  Too often, parents get so busy that they forget the importance of quiet time as a means to enjoy the child.  However, you will find that you enjoy your baby more when the two of you are just together, in a peaceful environment.

Educational Time

Even when a child is small, he or she can still be introduced to education.  Today, the market has many excellent tools that are great for teaching children of all ages.  Just repeating letters and numbers to the child, or showing him or her an object and then saying the name is an educational lesson.

Visiting Family

Most new parents are eager to take the baby to visit grandparents.  Once the baby is old enough to travel (ask your doctor since it is different for all babies), plan a trip where you can go back home to spend time with your parents and let everyone enjoy the baby as much as you have.  This is also a great time to take advantage of some extra help.

You will also discover that you enjoy your baby far more when you have answers.  For instance, if you have been storing up several questions, afraid to ask a family member or friend in fear of being laughed at, you can be sure you will not be looked down on.  New parents have tons of questions.  Some of these can be answered by close friends or family, some by the baby’s doctor, and some through online resources.  Regardless of where you find the answer, learning all you can about your baby and what it takes to raise him or her properly, will help you feel more at ease, thereby enjoying him or her better.
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