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Firework Sales

FireworksThe next time you pass one of those tents that sell fireworks for the Fourth of July, think twice before buying from them. Most people do not know the firework laws in their state, or if they do, they ignore them. In most states, fireworks that detonate either on their own or by using a hand held device are illegal. This is because of the many reported accidents and deaths that have been caused over the years. But these types of fireworks and more are sold in tents around the country each year.

Did you know that in some states it is illegal to have a private fireworks show in your backyard? You could face fines and jail time if caught. You can also be fined for storing certain fireworks on your property. Some people are very careless and have stored fireworks in damp or overly dry areas that have caused them to go off. So the next time you are having a family get together, you may want to research the firework laws in your state or city so that you do not have to pay the price later on.

While some states are more lenient than others, states change their laws sometimes and neglect to ensure that the public knows about it. Some states require that you purchase a fireworks license before the holidays. You can find out more about the firework laws in your state by contacting your county clerk's office, city planning commission, or court house. You can also check online to see if any rules about handling fireworks are posted.

The types of fireworks that you may not be allowed to purchase or ignite include: 

- Explosive compounds
- Fireworks that move in the air
- Hand held devices

These fireworks have been known to cause severe injury to those igniting and watching a fireworks show. You should not handle fireworks if you are not experienced in using them.

If you want to watch a good fireworks show with your family, then you should find one that will be put on by professionals. These shows are very popular and can be found in almost every town. You will be able to see all kinds of fireworks and not have to worry about buying your own, risking a fine, or endangering others.

While most police officials will not stop you from lighting your own fireworks, is it really worth the risk? If you have small children or elderly people in the audience, you should consider buying safe fireworks such as sparklers. Even then, you will have to supervise younger children.

Fourth of July celebrations are supposed to by fun occasions where families get to together to have a barbeque, play games, and have good conversations. You do not need to bring fireworks into the picture. There will be plenty of other people who will be breaking the law, so you can just watch one of their firework displays from the comfort of your own backyard. Or, after dinner, pile the family into the car, and find a professional fireworks show.
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