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Movers vs. Friends: Help!

Friends_vs__Movers"Do it yourself moving" may sound appealing at first as it seems to offer the advantages of thrift, and the satisfaction of having everything done according to one's own way. However, that may not be so always. There are, in fact, numerous factors to consider before deciding how to move house.

Friends and family usually volunteer to help you with moving. It is certainly less expensive than hiring professionals, but not always. There is always the question of their being able to spare the time when required. They may be willing and prepared but may have other obligations that limit their presence at the required time. As it is, packing, loading and unloading, and all other activities involved in moving are very time consuming, and cannot be left midway to finish at a later time. Therefore, it may prove necessary to get paid labor for getting your packing, loading and unloading done.

Friends may have a problem lifting heavy items, which can cause injuries or damage the furniture. However, professional movers are involved in moving activities every day. It is part of their job. Hence, they are physically equipped to carry heavy furniture, and know the best way to pack a truck. Nevertheless, it is best to get several estimates from various movers, and then carefully consider the most prudent path.

If you are afraid to let others handle your things and are relocating somewhere not very far in the same town, it will be a better alternative to take the help of friends to pack and load everything. This would be especially efficacious if you are shifting to a small apartment.
However, you will need to hire a truck, or a trailer that you can hitch to your car and use for transporting the furniture to the new location. If you choose to do this, you will have to drive yourself and may face problems if you are not used to driving heavy vehicles, or with a trailer hitched to your vehicle. You also would need to take into consideration the distance of your move. If the new location is somewhere that would require you to drive across the country, it could be very tedious for you. The entire journey may take several days to complete. It would be a severe test of your physical capabilities. You may also not have a license to drive a big loaded truck, and may have to obtain a special permit to drive it yourself. Above all, you will be responsible for all your furniture, as well as for the truck that you will be driving.

If driving a truck loaded with furniture is not feasible for you, you have the option of hiring a truck, which can be delivered to your doorstep with a professional driver at an appointed time. You usually have two days time to load the truck at your own convenience. It would be best to have all your things packed and ready in advance, before the arrival of the truck, to avoid the hassle of packing and loading at the same time. You can load the vehicle yourself with the help of friends and neighbors, and the professional driver will drive the vehicle to the new address. Once the vehicle gets there, you will have to take charge of the unloading, and getting the things carried into the new house.

If it is a big house, or a multi-bedroom apartment that you are moving to, there will be a great quantity of furniture to be moved. Moving all that furniture would require many hands, and a lot of physical labor. Friends and neighbors may prove quite inadequate in such circumstances. Hence, hiring professionals would be the best option to get the job done efficiently.

The moving will also require packing certain objects, which need to be protected from damage during transit. Doing the job oneself will require getting the packing material yourself. This would involve hunting around for the appropriate packaging, which will have to be purchased. The process of packing also is an expert's job and carrying heavy articles to and from the transporting vehicle requires specially trained people to avoid damage. Professional movers are equipped with all kinds of packing material, and will undertake packaging, loading and unloading as part of the deal, which includes the responsibility for the safety of the articles.

Many movers also provide transit insurance at a small fee if your homeowner's policy does not cover damage to household articles during transportation. Hence, professional help is always a better option for moving house.

Doing it yourself may not prove to be a viable alternative and may require time and effort that you may not afford to give. If you do spend your time on packing and transporting, there is the added disadvantage of suffering a reduction in your paycheck. The whole exercise may result in loss, instead of saving money. Availing professional help would allow you to devote time to much more important matters concerning settling your family in the new surroundings.

Therefore, decide whether to hire professional movers, or tackling it all yourself after considering all aspects involved in moving. --------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Movingtrust Site, part of Localwin Network.
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