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Goodbye Parties

Goodbye_PartiesThrowing a goodbye party for a special relative or friend who is moving away or taking a long vacation, is a wonderful way to let them know how much everyone will miss them. The goodbye party and all the effort put into it are sure to touch the guest of honor even before he or she departs. Getting together to say goodbye and wish them a safe trip is a great way to let them know you care. There are many different and unique ways to tell someone goodbye. There are many reasons why people travel, such as a business trip, permanent move, an extended vacation or even an around the world cruise. Having loved ones, close friends or co-workers together, give everyone a chance to wish the person leaving a happy, safe, fun filled journey. Whether the party is formal or informal, here are some creative ideas that will leave everyone with warm memories.

Finding a Theme

Choosing the theme of the goodbye party takes a little thought. For someone that is taking a cruise or long vacation, hold a bon voyage party or for someone going to Hawaii, a luau party. Going with the bon voyage theme of the goodbye party, starts with selecting the style of the party. Start by decorating the party room with a tropical, nautical theme. In the theme of the goodbye party, make some cardboard anchors in different sizes, paint them and attach rope in different lengths. Hang them on the walls and scattered around the party area. If they are going somewhere warm, the style of the party could be a tropical color scheme such as yellows, greens and blues. Inflatable palm trees and globes purchased from a party shop certainly add a tropical feeling.

When deciding on the style of the party or whether it should be formal or informal, a bon voyage party is great as an informal, buffet style party. You do not have to worry about seating arrangements and the style of the party remains casual. Set up buffet tables with table clothes and napkins in the theme of the goodbye party, which in this case is bon voyage. Party shops have everything you need for this style of party.

The theme of the goodbye party could be a luau party. The style of the party is similar to a bon voyage party. Again, when deciding to have a formal or informal party, keep it simple and go with a buffet, as there are no seating arrangements to worry about. People will get serve themselves food and find a place to eat or even stand up and socialize while they have dinner. It is a very relaxed, social way to spend the evening. The style of the party, being a luau party, will appeal to everyone and is great for any season. The style of the party is not only fun to decorate but you could ask your guests to wear something tropical in the spirit and theme of the goodbye party. Put up luau paper lanterns, hanging parrots and an inflatable pineapple cooler to keep the drinks cold. What luau party would be complete without a few inflatable flamingos? When choosing the theme of the goodbye party, your imagination is the only limit. Again, you have no seating arrangements to plan if you have a buffet for your luau party

Another theme of the goodbye party could simply be a "we will miss you" party. The style of this party could be formal or informal. If you decide on a formal setting, you need to plan seating arrangements for your guests. Decide whether you have a table large enough to seat all the guests at once, or if you need to set up several smaller tables. Have the guest of honor sit at the head of the table. A buffet is suitable whether the party is formal or informal and is far easier than serving each guest individually.

Start your planning by figuring out how many people you are inviting to the goodbye party. Send out the invitations well in advance and ask them to reply so you know the exact number of table settings you require. Make a menu and decide whether to have it catered, everyone brings a dish or you supply the food. If you are doing all the cooking, make a menu and then check to see what you already have on hand and what you need to buy. Pick up any party decorations you require. A nice touch is buying or making a very large card, have each guest sign it and write a little something and then present it to the guest of honor later in the evening. This is a wonderful keepsake, which will mean a lot to him or her. Try to do as much as possible ahead of time so you get a chance to enjoy your company the day of the party

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