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Hiring The Right Caterer

Hiring_The_Right_CatererHosting a party can be a very busy time and for very large events, or if you don't consider yourself a cook, perhaps hiring a caterer is the best way to provide food and drinks to the guests. Hiring the right caterer is important as you want everything to go just as planned with no surprises the day or night of the party. Caterers will often provide bartenders and all necessary staff so that means that you won't have to worry about drinks either.


When you are choosing a caterer there are a few considerations that you need to make before you decide if he or she is right for you and your party. Most caterers offer a wide variety of foods and styles of food, so having a good idea of what you want to serve at the party is important. If you are using a professional caterer that you have used before you may want them to make suggestions for the menu, or you may have some personal favorites from their selection.If you have never used the caterer before they should offer you the option of sampling some, if not all of the foods you have chosen from their menu. If the party is large you may be invited to sample several types of menu options to choose which one you prefer. If the caterer does not provide this option you may wish to reconsider hiring the individual or company.

The caterer may make suggestions of styles of food and drinks that go best together. It is always a good idea to consider suggestions from the caterer as have experience in preparing meals and working with parties. Talk to the caterer if you know that there are people coming to the party that have food allergies or food restrictions because of religious or diet reasons. Caterers should have appropriate meals for almost any specialized diet or could certainly work with you to come up with a suitable alternative for those guests.

The caterer should also provide a list of services they can provide. If they are offering a bartending service you should be provided with a menu of the types of drinks that the bartenders on staff are able to prepare. Most caterers offer a full drink selection, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included. Be sure to indicate if you have a specialty drink that you wish to feature at your party and ensure that the bartender is familiar with making it. Popular drinks at theme parties are martinis, manhattans, margaritas and daiquiris to name a few. Check to see if the caterer will provide the alcohol and mixes or if you are required to supply it and they will simply provide the staff. If you are considering saving a bit of money purchasing the alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages yourself can save money, but you will need to be sure that you plan correctly. For larger parties you may have to obtain permits or licences to serve alcohol so be sure to check on this and apply as far in advance as possible.

Finalizing The Plan

Plan to meet with the caterer to review the food and drink menu at least 4 weeks before the party if at all possible. Make sure to get everything in writing so you are both very clear on the menu selections, the drink requirements, the staff that will be provided as well as all the other details such as when the final payment has to be in by, the exact address of the party, and the time that the caterer will need to be on site.

If there are any discrepancies or misunderstandings make sure they are corrected and clarified and that you both have an up-to-date written copy of the agreement for services. One week before the party phone and confirm that everything is still on schedule and that there have been no changes. Often this phone call is greatly appreciated by the caterer especially if there are still some items not quiet finalized in the menu selection or for the drinks. Try to avoid calling at the last minute with any add-ons or changes as this is usually very difficult for a catering service to complete the day of the party or event.

One the day of the event be sure to have the final payment ready or have it prepaid, according to the agreement. Most party hosts and hostesses allow a tip for the staff that works at the party if the food and service was as expected. Remember that the caterer and bartender always appreciate your good word and recommendation so be prepared to provide guests with cards or brochures on the catering service if they so request.

Having the party catered and the drinks provided by a bartender is a wonderful way to take the stress out of party planning. It also allows the host and/or hostess more time to spend with the guests enjoying the party.-------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Entertaintment Site, part of Localwin Network.
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