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How To Be Chosen As The Right Home Inspector

How_To_be_Chosen_as_theIf you find the real estate business interesting and if there is an assessor within you then you can take up home inspection as your career. But you need certain technical and other natural qualities to become a perfect home inspector. You have to conduct an overall survey of a house and its systems and point out the life length of the systems, equipments and structure of the house. You have to detect which system needs to be replaced and repaired. Your standpoint should be out and out unbiased.

You have to do an overall inspection of newly bought homes or old homes and apartments and deliver a home inspection report conforming to the law of the state. Your report is most crucial to homebuyers before they make their final decisions. Your survey is also vital for people who want to sell their house. Home inspection helps maintain the safety of the house and the homeowners can plan required repairs and renovations beforehand.

The Necessary Qualities To Become An Ideal Home Inspector


The foremost thing is self-motivation. If you have interest, which will serve as the impetus to your job as a home inspector, success will come to you fast.


Being a home inspector you need to deal with a lot of people. So you have to be a patient listener along with your gift of the gab. Good communication skill is the keyword of your successes. You should answer each and every query of the homeowner, patiently with a cool head.


You should have a proper formal training in every facet of home inspection. Homeowners prefer home inspectors who are members of some professional home inspection organization. It will be better for your career if you can join a professional organization and have a certificate from a reputed training institute of home inspection.

The Legal Aspect

You should meet the provision of law and regulation of the state or province you are willing to work in. Obtain a home inspection license if the law demands it. You may have to sit for a certification exam to get a license.

Experience and Expertise

You should be aware of the changes in structures and new techniques in the field of residential construction. The house is build up of different materials, which are put together during construction and are interrelated. While conducting a survey you cannot break up each component individually to detect flaws. So a direct experience of construction, installation and layouts of a house is almost mandatory for you. It will be better if you have some first hand knowledge in the field of construction and real estate.

You should enlighten the homebuyer about the important aspects of the house he or she is going to buy like the electrical disconnect switch, main water control, heating system's switch etc.

The most important thing is experience. The house owners will prefer a home inspector who has profound experience and reputation doing the inspection of their house or apartment.

As a home inspector you should possess insurance coverage including workers compensation, general liability and Error and Omissions insurance.

You should provide a detailed report and not a checklist, which will be difficult to interpret by the owners of the apartments. The best is to offer a computer-generated narration with checklist combined with specific comments for each home. Send the report online for a speedy delivery avoiding the hassles of a fax or post.

The Home Inspection Report Should Cover These Specific Domains:

- The Overview is the detailed portrait of the house including the entirety of major components and their state of being.

- The list of maintenance items enlisting the objects that needs to be taken care of immediately.

- The list speaking of major repair items should be as detailed and clearly identified as possible with the estimated cost of repairs of each item.

The report should prove valuable for homeowners, buyers or sellers to make their decisions based on it.

Better Equipments For A Better Job

Speaking of equipments, you should be conversant with new technologies. You should use the best equipments and invest a bit more on it to reap greater benefits in future. The routine equipments include the ladder, the flashlight, the level and others. Some of the most refined equipments that will gear up the quality of your service are electronic carbon monoxide and fuel gas analyzers, electrical circuit analyzers, digital cameras, documents findings, digital moisture meter and more.

Some Other Facts

You should offer a written guarantee concerning your findings to ensure the homeowners of your findings.

To do unbiased judgment you should not mix contractor business with home inspection. This will affect your neutrality.

While looking for a home inspector most homeowners will ask their realtors, bankers or solicitors, friends or co-workers for a list of name. Try and build a good reputation so that they will suggest your name as the most potent home inspector. If you can enlist your name in the directory of top national organizations as a home inspector of a certain area your scope will become wider.

If you have the right things in you a great career awaits you in the end.
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