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How to clean

Cleanliness is not restricted to mere outward appearance; it is about embracing the entire concept of happy living. Cleaning may seem a difficult chore for many people, especially when their lifestyle is one that leaves them with little time or energy to devote to it. If you lead a hectic life because of your professional and personal commitments, you must have realized just how de-prioritized house cleaning is in your daily list of things-to-do. However, it is important to realize that dirty surroundings can have a negative effect on your mind as well as your body. Relaxation is near impossible in a disorganized house.

House cleaning is an art that ensures a safe harbor to anchor in when you return home after a day replete with stress. It involves a lot of
planning and more importantly, systematic execution. You cannot hope to have a clean house if you do not act based on a formulated strategy. There are some standards that need to be followed when you are cleaning your house.

Try to do regular cleaning: If you want to avoid accumulating trash all over your house, then you must clean regularly. This can sound impossible for those who claim are too busy but maintaining a cleaning schedule can be of great help. For instance, each day of the week can be allocated to clean up just one room before going to bed so that you don't face a pile of mess on the weekend.

Proper organization of all your belongings: You should make it a point to periodically dispose off things that you do not use. It is no use preserving them because not only will they occupy a lot of space but will also add to the clutter. If you do not want to throw away some things that you think could be of use in the future, make sure that they are kept aside in a separate box. This will make it easy to put those things back in place while cleaning.

Alternatives to cleaning on your own: If you feel that it is impossible for you to find the time to complete all the household chores and cleaning, then you should contemplate hiring domestic help or a professional service agency. This will ensure that your house will be cleaned at least once a week and will make things easy on you.

Think of cleaning as a therapeutic process: if you tend to stress out each time you see or even think of your cluttered house, then this is a habit that has to checked as it will not help you in any way. Every family has kids and perhaps, even adults who keep throwing things all over the house. You may as well accept the fact that your house cannot remain clean the entire day. You could try clearing the mess with the help of your children by making it a fun activity for them. You could play some music while they arrange their own stuff.

Do not run around the house dusting and wiping everything. This is an inefficient way of cleaning and it is advisable to stick to one room at a time.

Cleaning your kitchen:

Your kitchen being the place where food is prepared needs a lot of attention to keep it germ free. You could try the following order of cleaning:
- Keep the kitchen-cleaning products that you need to clean your kitchen ready before you start.- Start from the cleaning the electrical appliances like refrigerator and oven. Turn down the thermostat of the fridge and remove all the food items from inside. Take out the trays and clean them with the help of a sponge. Use the sponge to clean the inside as well as outside of the refrigerator. You can also clean your oven by simply wiping or scrubbing. - Clean the ceilings and walls of your kitchen. Use a broom or a cobweb eliminator for removing the cobwebs. Wash the walls with water and sponge.- Cleaning kitchen floor and cabinets: clean the cabinets with a rag after emptying it. You can mop or sweep the floor after all of the above has been done.

Cleaning bathrooms:

It is advisable to always tackle the bathroom after cleaning your kitchen. You could follow a step-by-step procedure as outlined below:
- Clean the toilet with the help of a well-known cleaning solution. Pour it in the toilet bowl and rinse it after sometime.- Wipe the toilet tank seat cover, with a sponge dipped in cleaning solution.- Dry the toilet with a rag.- Clean the bathroom floor with a mop after sweeping. 

Cleaning the floors:

If you have wooden
flooring at home, then you are advised to use a hardwood cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a damp mop or vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust.

Cleaning of cupboards and cabinets:

Remove the things from the cabinets and wipe it with a clean cloth. After cleaning, make sure of the things are put back in their original position unless you are rearranging.

Carpet and widow cleaning:

Wipe the windowpanes with a rug and apply cleaning solution onto it with a sponge. Wipe it again with a rug till it is dry.

Clean the carpet and rugs with your vacuum cleaner. Try to remove spills as soon as possible.

After cleaning every room and furniture, you can concentrate on doing your laundry. Arrange things that are scattered all over your house by allocating a place for each item. Keep them in a box and place it in the storeroom. If you keep all these tips in mind and involve your family in cleaning their respective rooms, you will realize keeping your house clean is not as tough as it seems.
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