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Why Is Landscaping Inspection So Important?

LandscapingYour "home sweet home" is not only a concrete edifice; it is the space beyond too. The landscaping is one of the most vital sections of your housing project so a landscape inspection ensures a flawless living experience for you. A final landscape inspection is essential before you get the Certificate Of Occupancy (C.O). Otherwise you will get entangled in the legal muddle or you will be charged penalty and your C.O will get revoked.

The Landscaping Plan

A proper landscaping plan is essential for any home space except a single family home allotted a single-family zone, which has no erosion control or brushing management alarm. It is better to hire a reputed professional landscape architect to make a charming and purposeful landscape design including site work and irrigation outlays for your home for it will save you money, as the review time of landscape inspection will be short.

How To Change An Approved Landscape Design?

Your landscape design has been approved but you want to change it, then you have to go through a Substantial Conformation Review (SCR) For Discretionary Projects. Screening will elevate the stature of your house by increasing the quality and quantity of the plantation in view. It will include softening and cushioning the visual impact of the arbor development from public right- of -way.

What Is Brushing Management?

All vegetations natural or otherwise need a specified space around it, which will act as a buffer in case of occurrence of brush fire.

Some Tips To Make Your Landscape Inspection A Grand Success

You must have a city approved and stamped landscape plan on the location to make the landscape inspection by a city arborist successful.

You must plant the vegetation, as per the size, location and species in accordance with the stamped landscape plan.

You must be careful about installing the approved arbor before inspection and keep them in charming condition.

You must install the plants according to ranks, you may have to reinstall if the plantation is too deep or high. However, you may get discount if the land is too wet.

There must be enough planting space regarding the size of the plants, keep a minimum 25 square feet of surface area and 36" of soil depth and the custom gaps should be 35" minimum. Place the smaller varieties 20" apart with a surface area of 16 square feet and the soil should be 24" deep.

All the shrubs, street trees and other plantations must meet the design standard of the city regulations.

There must be a confirmed source of water within 100 inches of the trees. You may have to demonstrate that your installed irrigation system is in order during the inspection.

Always remove all the tree stem drapes, as it is disadvantageous to the growth of the tree.

Do not forget to remove any wire or coarse clothes at least from the top of the root balls of the trees.

If you own a windy site or have trees with tiny root balls or exceptionally large shades then you will need staking trees of usually 2" caliper. While installing the support you must be careful to keep the wire loose fitting that it should not touch the tree bark. And do away with the guy wires and the stakes within one year of the installation to avoid further harm to trees.

Keep a 2 to 4-inch layer of soft spread of leaves, moss and other things, called mulch in the planting area but do not let the spread touch the plant.

Try to keep your surrounding spotless without a speck of trash, leaves and pet droppings and mow your lawn regularly.

Clear up snow and ice remnants from the garden.

Do not decorate your exterior landscape with silk or artificial flowers.

Do not use strong lights in the yard for illumination.

Do not overdo with embellishment and decoration of your yard.

When you receive the Certificate Of Occupancy do not forget to be vigilant of the growth process of the plants adorning your landscape. If a plant dies then immediately replace it with another otherwise you will get a landscape violation notice. If within a certain time you fail to comply you will be boggled with additional penalties.

The Reasons Behind Landscape Inspections

There are various reasons to make the homeowners conform to a regulated landscape design

A good landscaping with shade trees on streets, parking spaces and sidewalks offers better conservation of energy

Conservation of water is also facilitated with low water planting and irrigation outlays

Danger of fire will be curbed with anti flammable irrigation and plantation design

The amount of erosion and disturbance of lands caused by re-vegetation will be curtailed

To make the residence more appealing by enhancing the quality and quality of vegetation to the public view from the adjacent properties, sidewalks and private streets

Amplify the charm of your abode and your life with a lush green and flawless landscape.


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