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Learn Spanish Fast

Yes!  You are reading the right article.  It is possible to learn to speak conversational message in less than 3 months.  The key is to be consistent and practice daily!  All you will need are a few items you can buy at your local bookstore and motivation to keep up daily practice. 

Learning Spanish should be a fun experience and at no point be viewed as a chore.  Learning another language requires using the right side of our brain, which if not usually exercised, may be difficult at first.  The following 7 things are necessary in order to learn conversational Spanish in 3 months.

1. English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionary – You can buy one online or at any local bookstore.  Depending on where you might travel in the future and use your Spanish, you can choose from Latin American Spanish or Spanish that is spoken in Spain.  A good dictionary might even have both.

2. Three Children’s Books in Spanish (less than 15 pages) – The books should have roughly 5 to 15 words on a single page and contain

3. Access to the Internet – You will need to access the following sites for free lessons: http://www.studyspanish.com/, http://www.conjugation.org/, http://www.myspanishteacher.com/learnspanish_FreeSpanish

4. Optional: Verb Conjugation Book – You can buy this book at a well stocked bookstore.  It will contain a list of verbs that are already conjugated in every tense.

5. Note cards – You can find these almost anywhere.

6. Access to Music or Movies in Spanish – Buy a CD or two that are entirely in Spanish.  Try to rent or buy a single foreign film where the spoken language is Spanish.

7. Optional: Access to a local club, restaurant, or café where you can get a little real practice in on occasion.  You could also find a chat buddy online who doesn’t mind practicing with you.

Once you have bought or explored he 7 things listed above, you will need to follow the plan below in order to learn conversational Spanish within 3 months.  As you review the plan you will need to keep in mind this: learning anything takes practice and confidence.  If you find you retain information faster by spending more time on one learning method more than another, feel free to do so.

• Everyday for 5 minutes read aloud and translate a children’s book.  You should have 3 books, which leaves you time to study from one book each month.  The short duration of 5 minutes is long enough for you to start connecting pictures with the words and leaves just enough time for you to translate a few of the words you don’t know.  The children’s books will serve as a way for you to build vocabulary that you will retain easily if you are an image based learner.

• Everyday for 5 minutes write down about 1 word or phrase you want to learn.  Then look it up in the dictionary for the Spanish version of the word.  Afterwards, write it down (by hand) 10 times each.  Then the word to a single note card and use as for flashcards.  This exercise will serve as a way to build vocabulary by repetition.  If any part of the 5 minutes is left, go over your flashcards.

• Everyday for 15 minutes access the above mentioned sites and start reviewing basic lessons by reading from them, taking quizzes, or playing the games they have.  These 15 minutes of your study session should help you start building a conversational base for Spanish.  Each site takes a different approach in presenting the information, so be sure to become familiar with the sites before starting a set of lessons.

• Then spend the last 5 minutes listening to a song or Spanish radio.  This will help you improve your listening and pronunciation skills if taken seriously.  Try popular artists in the genre you like, that way if you like the music a lot you can listen to the whole album on your way to work, coming home, when running errands, etc.  This part is very important because subconsciously you will be adding vocabulary that even though you won’t understand it all, soon you will start to connect certain words or phrases with the meaning of the song.

Beyond doing these exercises every day for 30 minutes, you should also take a break from studying Spanish at home and find some way to communicate with someone (live) who speaks Spanish fluently or very well.  I would say you should try to do this twice a week for about 20 minutes each time.  On the days that you talk with someone live you can spend about 10 minutes prepping for the conversation, that way you do not waste time with just dead silence not knowing what it is you want to say.  This frequent practicing is the best way to actually learn how to speak conversational Spanish within 3 months.
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