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Moving Day!

Moving_DaySimilar to life, moving is the way you want to make it. It requires well-planned strategies and methodologies in order to shift into a new house without any hassles. Though it is a stressful as well as nostalgic task, yet you can make it easy by organizing the packing and moving. It will certainly save substantial amount of time and reduce stress.

Moving- A mix of nostalgia and excitement:

Moving day is generally the most awaited day as it envelops a lot of hard work and excitement in preparation and planning for the day. It is a mix of both enthusiasm as well as silent pain. You need to cope with both the feelings at the same time so as to manage the work and emotions. It is very important to understand the need of moving and appreciating it as well, so that moving to another house does not become tragic.

Packing tips:

Packing forms a significant part in moving into a new house. It eases the turmoil related with carrying the luggage. If you are organized and prepared to shift in a proper manner, you would save ample amount of time and energy. You can ease the tension involved in shifting to a new surrounding with the help of following tips:

a) Clear the clutter: You must try to clear all the unwanted things that have not been used by you. You can donate those things to the charity or even sell them at auction, flea markets, through classified advertisements and the like to earn money from the old stuff. It is beneficial as it aims at removing the clutter from your home and earns the extra cash.

b) Use boxes of same size: You should use boxes of same size as it makes packing easier. It will help in stacking both while packing as well as keeping in the truck. It would save time in deciding how to get all the boxes stacked without damaging any thing.

c) Use boxes of small size: It is advisable to use small boxes in order to save energy of both you and the moving team.

d)A good quality of tape would be useful.

e) You can also use wardrobe boxes because your clothes would remain clean and you can even put your shoes, purses and boots at the bottom.

f) Write the name of the rooms on the outer side of the boxes. It will help you arrange them in the rooms where they are supposed to be, without wasting time.

g) You can even mention the content of the boxes so that you can locate things easily.

h) You can pack all the things that you would require immediately after shifting in one box so that you don't have to juggle around with different boxes in order to get one necessary thing.

The moving day:

Moving day could be comfortable provided you prepare well for the day. You can implement the following tips in order to have a smooth shift to your new house:

a) Start early: you should try to start early the day you've planned to shift. It will save enough time, as you will get less traffic in the morning. You should properly understand the directions to your house so that you don't get lost in the way. Do not drive throughout the way al by yourself if the way is too long. You can seek help from friends or relatives. Stop at least once every two or three hours to avoid exhaustion.

b) Pick up: A rental truck can be hired in order to pick up the entire pack of things that needs to be shifted into the new house. It will be safer as well as convenient to hiring them a day before as it would avoid last minute confusion. The rental truck employees would familiarize you with the vehicle and help you put the luggage in the truck.

c) Loading and unloading the luggage: Loading and unloading the truck would require you to take some precautions. It is advisable lift boxes with the help of legs and not your back so you should bend your knees. Make use of tapes to strengthen bottom of the boxes to avoid any kind of damage. The heaviest item should always be put first in the truck. But do not over exert yourself.

d) Spend to save: You should spend some money to save you from a severe backache. You can hire a van with a tail- lift to lift the heavier furniture items. This would also help saving time and energy.

e) Necessary services: All the necessary things like mineral water, snacks, tea and coffee fixings, a kettle, roll of toilet paper, tissue paper and the like should be put together.

f) Check before checking out: You should always try to check all the rooms and storage areas before leaving the house so that nothing is left behind.

g) Turn off all the lights: Do not forget to turn off all the lights and lock the doors of all the rooms.

h) In case you have sold your old house to the real estate agent or a new owner, you would need to give the keys to the respective owner of the house.

Moving day is an exciting event despite all the drudgeries involved in shifting to a new house by organizing your plans. It can certainly be made a memorable moment to be cherished for a lifetime.------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Movingtrust Site, part of Localwin Network.

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