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What's Holding His Pet Name Tag?

Pet Name TagYou love your pet and gave him a great looking pet name tag, beautifully spelling out the letters of his name. But, what you hang that collar on is what will make the most difference to your pet. One thing to consider is which type of dog collar you will use on your pet. There are many options out there and many of them have some pretty great advantages to them. Take a look at some of the choices that you have and see why this may be the ideal way for you to go.

Buckle Collars: By far the most popular type of collar to place around your animal's neck, these will have a simple strap that has a buckle in the front. Usually, the buckle is weighted and therefore will hang at your dog's neck, under his snout. These are the least expensive and will easily be used by most pet owners. They come in a wide range of colors and styles which makes them an ideal choice for many. But, there are some problems with these. Because the leash will attach to the collar, when you are walking the dog, you will virtually be choking him. The dog will strain against this and therefore will call a pull reaction up the leash and into your hands. This is not comfortable for you or the dog.

Halter Style Collars: Another option that you have is the halter style. These fit over the dog's nose and head and are easy for you to use. They also provide for the best treatment for your pet. They do not harm them in any way yet allow them as much freedom as you will give them. Even though they seem so easy to use, they are actually quite strong and will allow you to easily manage your pet when out there walking.

Training Collars: These provide a little level of force which will help in training your pet. These are not meant to be used on a daily basis but rather as a tool in teaching your pet to sit, walk, and to heel. They work well and do not necessarily hurt the animal either.

For your cat, there are many collar options to consider as well. Since cats can sneak out of collars that are just a buckle, they can really benefit from a harness instead. But, don't worry; they will not be hurt by this any more than a dog would. If you can get your pet cat to walk in a harness, you are a lucky one. Their nature alone keeps them from being social animals.

Pet collars are available in a wide array of styles, colors and even come with gem studding and beautiful designs. If your pet loves to dress up, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Don't forget the pet name tag too. These can be dolled up with engraving and gorgeous diamonds if you would like to give him the highest level of pampering out there.
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