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Plan your move

Plan_your_moveRelocating is the act of moving from one place to another and many individuals, families and even businesses relocate at some point of time for different reasons. While some may wishfully opt for relocation, others may have to relocate in search of better career opportunities. Several business enterprises expand or shift their base to a different place to overcome a shortage of skills or to enjoy greater tax benefits. Moving can be an overwhelming experience for most of us. At times, moving can be emotionally traumatic, as we have to leave behind our friends and part from the place that held beautiful memories. Moving also brings along a series of tasks to be fulfilled so that it can be less stressful."Planning" is the formula for stress free moving, however, most people fail to do so. With adequate planning, you can explore countless options to eliminate the stress from moving.

Summertime is the busiest time for most movers and you will be limiting your options if you wait until the last moment. By planning at the last minute, you are depriving yourself from being able to work with the best moving company. Ideally, you need to start planning at least a month before actually moving out, and make a proper checklist of the various tasks to be taken care of.

Planning your moving date

Unless it is imperative, do not plan a date during summer. Most people choose to move during this time, as the children are on a vacation. If your moving date is scheduled at any other time of the year, you are likely to enjoy better rates and a better choice of moving companies. Since rent and mortgage payments are scheduled at the beginning of the month, many people choose to move during the end or the beginning of the month. This is again a very bad time for you, if you want lower rates and a good company at a short notice.

Search for a Professional Moving Company

Many people prefer to hire a moving company that is a registered member of AMSA(American Moving and Storage Association), as it is mandatory for all the members to abide by the federal consumer protection regulations. These members participate in the loss and damage Arbitration Program of AMSA. While choosing a moving company, it is important to look out for a company that believes in complete disclosure of moving information to its clients.

You may run in to a company that offers you incredibly low rates, but the chances are that the company is not genuine. Such companies ask for higher fees, usually in cash, at the time of unloading at the destination. The best way of finding a good and reputed company is to ask for references from friends and associates.

Compare price quotes

The prices offered by reputed movers will be competitive, but it is advisable to investigate very low moving quotes. Typically, moving costs will vary according to the specific moving company, time of the year, weight of the shipment to be moved, the extent of services offered and the destination. If you plan well in advance, you will get ample time to obtain quotes of reputed companies and compare them. Reputed moving companies generally do not ask for significant deposit before moving. Do not hire a moving company until you clearly understand all the terms and conditions applicable and the payment details for availing their services.


You can save a lot of money if you do all the packing yourself. However, for long distance packing, it is advisable to let the moving company look after your packing requirements. Professional packers use specially designed cartons and materials that can be safely used to pack fragile items and electronic goods. One way of saving money is to let the packers pack only the delicate and expensive items and pack the rest on your own. It is recommended to pack your stuff a couple of days before the moving date. On the day of moving, the driver will offer you an inventory of your merchandise. Some of your appliances may need servicing, so make sure that your packing schedule gives you enough time to take care of these tasks. It is crucial to insure your goods against any probable loss or damage.

On the moving day

It is important to read and understand the Bill of Lading (contract) before signing it and discuss the delivery arrangements. While in transit, keep in touch with the mover's agent at the destination to avoid miscommunication and ensure fast delivery.

Claim for your losses or damages

After receiving your merchandise, examine it for any possible damage. Make sure that your furniture is not spoilt and the cartons have not been tampered. In case any of your goods are lost or damaged, make a note of it on the inventory sheet of the driver before signing it. In case of any damages discovered after unpacking, you are required to file a claim within nine months from the date of delivery. -------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Movingtrust Site, part of Localwin Network.

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