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The Practicalities

The PracticalitiesA clean house is a very satisfying environment to live in. However, cleaning it requires a lot of effort and dedication. In fact, organizing your house should be one of your top priorities to turn your house into a haven you are eager to come back to. It should also be kept in mind that no matter how much time you spend dusting and mopping, only when you arrange things properly do you achieve an aesthetic ambience.

Organizing your bedroom:

The bedroom is a refuge to which you retire for rest and relaxation. If your bedroom is cluttered with things scattered all over, it needs to be spruced up. A disorganized bedroom is not only distasteful to live in, but will need a lot of time to clean and tidy up later. Hence, keeping things in order from the outset saves valuable time.

Start from the dressing table. Scattered cosmetics should be arranged neatly on the counter, or put away in drawers. Pieces of jewelry need to be kept in their boxes. Making it a habit of putting things back in their places after use makes cleaning simple. Throw away products you no longer need, to create space for new things.

Keep the furniture in your bedroom minimal and functional. You could create a small sitting arrangement in a corner, keeping enough space to move about, and to use the vacuum cleaner. Shelves are great to put away all manner of things, and to keep your room uncluttered. Make sure you have enough of them installed.

Organize your closet:

Even though closets are covered spaces, an orderly closet makes it easier for you to find things you need quickly and easily. To avoid a tangled mess, hang your clothes neatly on hangers. Get rid of the clothes you do not wear anymore. While trying on clothes, put the ones you discard back on their hangers. This will keep the closet organized, and prevent your bedroom being messed up. You can also use shelf dividers if you want space for shoeboxes. Remember to put everything back in its place before you shut the closet.

The kitchen:

The kitchen is usually the most important room in the whole house because this is where you cook your food. Since you use the kitchen everyday, it will be easy for you to keep it organized. If you do not have a dining room and the kitchen is small, then avoid using a table and chairs that are too big, and take up a lot of space. You could keep the refrigerator in a corner where it is easy for you to clean below as well as behind it. Place other electrical appliances where they are easy to reach and clean. Try to buy only those appliances that you will use to avoid cluttering the kitchen counter with unnecessary gadgets. Jars and bottles need to be put back in the cabinet after use. If there is a lot of space in your kitchen, you can also put the washing machine and vacuum cleaner in a corner, thereby utilizing the extra space. Try to clean the kitchen counter before going out to not to have to face a disordered one when you return.

Entrance hall:

Keep minimal furniture in the entrance hall. About two chairs, along with a wooden chest as a table, are usually adequate for a spacious hallway. The chest will act as a storage space for you. Try not leaving things on the chest.


If you have a small bathroom it is even more necessary to keep it well organized, so that cleaning it does not become a fretful effort. The medicine cabinet above the washbasin needs to be kept neat and organized. Throwing away medicines that have passed their expiry date prevents the cabinet being overstuffed. Do not leave used tissues or cotton on the basin top, using a small bin kept for the purpose instead. You need to clean the toilet bowl at least once a week to avoid a grimy toilet at the end of the month. Install a cabinet for towels, toilet papers, hair dryers, shampoo bottles, soaps and other useful items.

Dining room:

Many people use their dining rooms for special occasions. However, if you use it every day, then dusting and cleaning it daily becomes necessary. The dining table and chairs should fit according to the size of the room. The curtains in your dining room need to be changed when they get dirty. The fan and light fixtures too need to be kept spruced up.

Living room:

Your drawing furniture should be bought with the room's size in mind. Light furniture is better because they are easy to remove while cleaning. Cluttering the room with unnecessary furniture will hinder you from vacuuming and mopping it. The coffee table, likewise, needs to be uncluttered by too many knick-knacks and curios. A colorful magazine or two adds interest, however, the old ones should not be allowed to accumulate. The wiring of electrical appliances needs to be hidden away to keep the room looking tidy.

Remember that everything you own in your house must have a home. Make a list of the cluttered areas in your house, and go about de-cluttering them systematically. Keeping things organized is a practical way to make it easy for you to clean your house.

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