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Outdoor Activities for Preschool

Outdoor Activities for Preschool KidsWhen it comes to getting outdoors, children can benefit in so many ways. Most kids will like to go outside to play if they are encouraged to do so from the time that they are young, even babies. This is healthy for them in so many ways. They are going to get fresh air, which is healthier for them then the air inside a home. They can get physical activity that they need to have to be in good shape. They can also sharpen their motor skills, something that all children need to do. When they play with other children, kids can actually work on social development from both disagreements to sharing to just talking and interacting with others.

But, what do you do once you get your child outside? There are plenty of opportunities for play here that are more than just running back and forth. Here are some ideas to help you.

Exploring. If you take your child outdoors, even in your backyard, make part of the playing process an exploring adventure. The child can play in the dirt even and find living creatures to observe. Or, you can both point out the different homes where animals live.

Physical Challenge. One of the most important things for children to do outdoors is to be physically challenged. If they have the opportunity to play on a swing set, for example, mastering things like the balance beam and the monkey bars will not only help them physically but it gives them a psychological advantage as well. If you do not have these opportunities at your home, visit a community park.

Cooperative. If you do go to the local park, the child will benefit from playing with other children. Not only does this improve social skills, but it can teach good lessons on cooperating. If there are a bunch of children there, propose a topic and let them play it out. For example, suggest that they play fire station. They each get their roles and they have to work together.

Outdoor adventures. There are many themed games and adventures you can draw up for your child. For example, if it is fall, help them to put the leaves in a pile and hop from one pile to the next. Or, have several kids play safari where they will pretend to be different animals living on the safari.

Playing House. One thing that children love to do is to mimic the things that they see you do. It is great learning to give your child this ability to giving them a play house to play in. Yet, these are costly. Instead, consider building a house by using a tent. Or, even have them decorate a large cardboard box.

As children explore the out of doors they will benefit from many things. Of course, they will also have a lot of fun. If your young preschooler doesn't want to go out and play, it may be because he doesn't realize what he can do out there to play. Outdoor activities for preschoolers can be suggested to them, then to open their world to the wonder that awaits them.
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