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Reaching the Fountain of Youth

Initially, the Fountain of Youth was a legendary spring of water, which many believed could restore age to anyone that drank the water.  Although there is actually no location where this fountain resides, it is more of a symbol for achieving a youthful mind and body.  Even so, many people think that certain locations in the country are what this legend is based on to include Florida, California, and Hawaii.

The story about the Fountain of Youth comes from Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer who spent years searching for this fountain, traveling into Florida, which is why today, this state believes that the fountain is there.  Although de Leon has the greatest reputation associated with the fountain, the legend actually began long before to the time of Alexander Romance.  In fact, a number of different stories have been told over the years about this fountain, each claiming to know where it is.

For example, natives talked about a mythical land called Bimini, which was supposed to  be a land of prosperity and wealth, believed to be around the Bahamas.  Natives spread the legend that Spaniards heard of this land, finding themselves lured to its beauty and potential.  With a group of adventurers, an Arawak chief named Sequene headed to find the Fountain of Youth but never returned.  Some of Sequene’s followers believed that he had in fact found the famous fountain and decided to stay and enjoy all the benefits it offered.

Even before this Cuban chief and Ponce de Leon, stories were being told about a Fountain of Youth.  Again, in the Alexander Romance, writings told a story of Prester John who would discover and then share news of newfound places.  In one of his writings, he implied that the Fountain of Youth could  be found in Asia or perhaps the Americas.  However, the writings went on to say that at one point, a land with many fountains had been discovered, believing that this was the place of restoring youth.

Today, you can visit the Fountain of Youth National Archaeological Park in Florida, which pays homage to de Leon.  At this site, a fountain stands tall and proud and many will drink the water but unfortunately, it has not been found to restore youth to those who do.  What we think of in our current society is that anything that can help skin, improve a person’s health, or provide longevity of life is the “fountain of youth.”

More of a metaphor, the Fountain of Youth is not related specifically to a fountain of magical water, but a product or service.  For instance, people who spend time at a day spa, getting a facial, massage, or some other type of treatment are looking for ways to look and feel younger, therefore, having found their own personal fountain of youth.  Individuals who have purchased products for moisturizing the skin, improve open pores, or do anything that make them look, and feel more youthful have also found the “fountain of youth.”

Although originally the Fountain of Youth was a legendary fountain filled with water that would produce incredible change when drank, is now a belief in a product or service.  In a way, we are all looking for our own fountain, trying new products on the market, spending money getting massages, or anything for relaxation, hoping that the results will be youthful.  In some ways, even daily exercise to tone muscles and improve health could be considered a fountain of youth.

Whether a fountain of youth even exists is unlikely but with so many great opportunities, you can still look and feel better.  Eating a balanced diet, exercising, not smoking, and finding time for rest and relaxation are all methods for staying young.  Therefore, while you cannot get in your car or hop on a plane to head off to “THE” fountain of youth, you can still take charge of your life by making positive change.  In addition to looking more youthful on the exterior, these lifestyle changes will also make you feel younger mentally.

The bottom line is that we all have the opportunity to reach the fountain of youth.  All it takes is giving the body proper nutrition through a healthy diet, making sure the body has enough water by drinking a minimum of eight glasses daily and incorporating exercise into the lifestyle.  The fountain of youth may be a fictional legend, but it relates to the way in which we care for the body.  The more the body gets what it needs the more youthful it will look and the person will feel.
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