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Romantic Fireplace Picnic For Two

Romantic_FireplacePicnicTwoSome of the most romantic dinners are those that are truly unexpected. Planning a special, beautiful summertime style picnic in front the cozy fireplace in the winter is just such a romantic surprise. The food can be easy to prepare or can even be a variety of items purchased from the deli if you don't want to worry about cooking. A bit of planning is that this wonderful evening will take.

One of the first considerations is the food that you would like to serve. While the theme and atmosphere is a fireplace picnic, the choice of foods is largely up to you. A good idea is to keep the foods simple and easy to eat without having to use a lot of cutlery or utensils. For a romantic touch consider the following:
- Varieties of fresh fruits including strawberries, grapes, various melons, pears, peaches or even dried fruit. Cut the larger fruit into bite sized pieces and arrange it in sections on a wooden or ceramic serving tray. Add a bit of a fruit dip made from whipping cream mixed with vanilla, hazelnut or cinnamon flavorings. 
- Varieties of cheeses. This is a chance to really add a touch of elegance. Use traditional cheeses such as cheddar, Swiss and marbled cheese, but also consider having some of the softer cheeses such as camembert and brie.- An assortment of sliced pickles, olives and other pickled vegetables will add a tangy accompaniment to the cheeses and meats.
- A baguette or slices of French, rye, sourdough or other varieties of breads. Consider also some breadsticks or crackers to eat with the cheese.
- Cold cuts including ham, roast beef, chicken or turkey can also be served and open or closed sandwiches can be made to order. 
- Individual lemon or strawberry tarts, chocolate or black forest cupcakes, cheesecake squares or even individual crème brulee make the perfect ending

Besides just romantic finger foods and easy to eat items consider setting the atmosphere. Find a red and white checkered blanket or table cloth and place it in front of the fireplace, far enough away to avoid overheating and warming up the food or being too warm for comfort for yourself and your guest. Place a few other picnic type items strategically in the room for added atmosphere. Perhaps you have a wicker picnic basket that could be opened and used to hold a bouquet of summer flowers. A fishing rod and a fisherman's creel could be strategically placed in the background to add atmosphere.

Dimming the lights and providing an array of candles along the mantle of the fireplace and on tables around the room adds to the romantic effect. Soft instrumental music playing in the background or even a CD of bird songs or waterfalls is a wonderful additional touch.

In addition to the food you may want to consider the various types of wines that you could serve to your guest with your picnic meal. Since there are cheeses, meats and breads being served almost any type of wine would be acceptable, or you may choose two different wines, one for the picnic and one with the dessert. Some of the more common types of wines are reds, wines and blush wines. Red wines are usually served with heavier foods such as beef, veal, lamb, pastas with red sauces, and rich desserts like chocolate cake. White wines are usually more often served with fruits, light cheeses, chicken, fish and cream pasta dishes, and lighter desserts. Zinfandels are a sweeter wine that is often served prior to and after a meal. Regardless of what you are serving a good idea is to serve the type of wine that your guest enjoys, as this is more important than what the wine is traditionally served with.

Planning a romantic fireplace picnic for two wouldn't be complete without finding the right kind of table settings to use. A great idea is to find the wicker paper plate holders and plan to eat off of paper plates, just like you would if you were out on a summer picnic. For a really authentic table setting use good quality plastic utensils. Not only will this add to the idea of being on a picnic but it also helps to make clean up a snap.

You may want to add to the romance by sending a personal invitation to your partner or date prior to your romantic fireplace picnic for two. You can keep the theme of your evening a secret or you can simply let them know that they are invited to have a romantic evening at your house or apartment. Sending the invitation through the mail will really amaze them and let them know that you have planned this in advance. They will be completely surprised by your creativity and will fondly remember this romantic evening for many years to come

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