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Setting up Home

Setting up a home from scratch is by no means an easy task. The chaos and utter insanity of moving house can drive anyone up the walls. There are so many things you need to consider while setting up your home. However, considering insurance is one of the most important factors in case things go wrong. First things first, always concentrate on cleaning your new home. When you move into your new home, house cleaning can be highly frustrating and time consuming.

Creating a house-cleaning checklist can help you organize your new house in a better way. The main key to keeping your new house clean is to stop procrastinating and to religiously follow your house-cleaning checklist. House cleaning is unavoidable, but it can be completed in less time if done the right way. Firstly, purchase a supply and tool apron and fill the pockets with house cleaning tools like a dusting spray, a glass cleaner, scraper and duster. Start cleaning from the first room at the doorway. Move in a clock-wise direction and keep dusting and glass cleaning as you proceed. Once the first room is cleaned, move to the next room. Moving in one direction is the fastest way to keep your new home dirt and clutter free. Once dusting is completed, the next step is to start vacuum cleaning all the carpets in the house. Finally, the bare floors need to be mopped and dried thoroughly before you start arranging all your furniture.

Some of the things you'll need to do while setting up your home:
  • Your furniture and other personal belongings should be organized properly.
  • Local authority should be contacted for your council tax.
  • Revise all your personal information on the Electoral Register.
  • If necessary, inform your benefit or pension supplier.
  • Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and the building society need to be informed.
  • Your post should be redirected to your new address.
  • Your gas, water and electricity suppliers should be informed.
  • New telephone connections will have to be installed in your new house.
  • Your driver's license will have to be updated.
  • Inform your TV licensing authority.


Firstly, before considering installing luxuries in your new home, always get your basic items sorted out and make sure your budget can cover all costs. One of the first things to consider when setting up your home is to make sure the lights and heating are in working condition. Most people believe they can do without a telephone, but this is not true as a telephone is an important item also. Since these items incur normal bills, plan them carefully in your budget. Once the lights and running water have been set up, it's now time to consider setting up furniture. Initially, considering second hand furniture is not a bad idea. Second-hand dealers that specialize in furniture and appliances are available in abundance. The basic items required to furnish the place would be a bed, a couch and a couple of chairs. A table and chairs will need to be placed in the dining room.

When it comes to setting up the kitchen, a fridge, cutlery, pots and pans, plates and cups will be required. If necessary, a washing machine will also need to be put up unless you plan on using laundry services. Next, the TV, computer, stereo and all the other fun stuff can be set up.Prior to moving out of your old home, always inform the service companies that their services are no longer required at your former residence. If this is not done, the new tenants might be billed unnecessarily causing uncalled for confusion. It is advisable to make and manage a household budget. Categorize all your items into essential and non-essential items. Items that have to be paid regularly like food; bills and rent come under essential items. Make sure you keep some money aside for emergencies. However, everyone needs to pamper themselves so keep aside some surplus money in your budget to treat your self occasionally.

Some of the basic essentials required while setting up your home

There are many basic items that you'll need right away as soon as you move into your new home. Here is a checklist of all the items that you might require when you move:
  • Curtains and shutters to meet basic privacy wishes.
  • Mats, doormats, towels, wastebaskets and garbage cans.
  • Table lamps and light bulbs.
Basic gardening tools and lawn mower.
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Whether you are setting up home for the first time or are trying to help your son or daughter set their homes up, it is advisable to make a basic checklist.
Whether you are setting up home for the first time or are trying to help your son or daughter set their homes up, it is advisable to make a basic checklist.  
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