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Free Sewing Patterns

Sewing PatternIf you are just learning how to sew or if you are a seasoned professional, there are many free sewing patterns available online! All you need to do is download the pattern, print it off, and begin your project. These patterns come with full instructions on which materials you will need, suggestions on how to make them more personal, and how long they will take to complete. If you are trying to get some extra practice, want to make gifts for your friends and family, or if you are just curious to see what is out there, then find some free sewing patterns today and get started!

There are hundreds of patterns that you can find online and in sewing magazines. From bean bags to clothing to pillows to dolls, you will be able to create almost anything. Some of the most common patterns include: 

- Dressmaking
- Stuffed animals
- Tablecloths
- Hair accessories
- Slippers

Even if you don't find exactly what you are looking for, you can take an existing pattern and alter it to fit your needs. For example, if you want to make a circular shaped pillow, but all you can find are circular tablecloth patterns, you can downsize the dimensions and begin making your pillows.

The best way to begin when using a pattern is to trace the pattern onto your fabric with a fabric pencil. Fabric pencils are washable and available at most sewing shops. If you need to make your pattern smaller, then you should measure out how much smaller and cut the pattern first instead of trying to make the fabric cut out smaller. This may cause you to cut off too much fabric this way. If you make a mistake when cutting the pattern, you can just print off another copy.

After tracing your pattern onto your fabric, use fabric scissors to cut out the pattern. Once you have cut out your pattern, you will have to sew it together. This is the fun part. Using different stitches, you will be able to create beautiful designs for your new item. You may need to stuff the item afterwards, so purchase bleach free stuffing, leave an opening that is slightly bigger than your hand and stuff the item. Make sure you have an even amount of stuffing so that the item is not lumpy. Sew up the opening and you are finished.

Many people take great joy in creating items from sheets of fabric. Once you find a free pattern that you like, you can choose your own fabric to work with. Many people will use cotton or silk when they are creating a piece as a gift. But there are plenty of fabrics that you may find at the store that can be used.

Sewing is a relaxing hobby that anyone can master. Finding free patterns will only enhance the experience. Do a basic search online to find some of your favorites. Follow the suggestions or create your own unique item. It is completely up to you.
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