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Star Tattoo Ideas

Star TattooIf you love the look of a star, of some sort, consider star tattoo ideas. There are many variations of stars that you can easily use in your own way to symbolize virtually anything that you would like to. Today, people are adding tattoos to more places and in more regularity. It allows them to be self expressive. It allows them to provide symbols of who they are and what they believe in. If you are considering a star design, there are plenty of options that may work just fine for you.

There are many variations of stars that you can consider. One or a group of stars? Will you consider the Jewish Star of David? Or, perhaps you will consider a celestial style tattoo? There are many to consider. If you know that you want a star or want to learn more about what your choices are, here are a few good ideas for you to think about.

Four Pointed Star: Here you have a cross shaped star. This is one of the most common choices. It offers simplistic and elegant options.

Five Pointed Starr: Probably the most popular tattoo star that is selected. This star has a variety of means based on who you are and what you believe.
  • Pentacle: If you get this star tattoo, it can be a symbol of witchcraft. Today, it is becoming more and more popular as a tattoo choice.
  • Reversed Pentacle: This is also known as a satanic pentacle or pentagram. It can represent other things as well including a pagan horned god.
  • Six Pointed: This is the Star Of David. Also known as the star of Remphan, it is an ancient pagan god.
  • Seven Pointed: This star, if chosen will symbolize the perfected man. It can also represent a star that is to honor childhood, the whimsical or can be a fairy star.
  • Eight Pointed: The cross of Saint John. Also the star is known as the emblem of the Knights of Malta which was a popular organization during the Crusades. It represents the eight knightly virtues.
So, now you have a basis for choice. But, this is far from what you have to consider. Consider a shooting star or a star and other celestial beings. There are many ways that you can have them designed to mean something that is important to you. Or, you can work with the tattoo artist to draw the star in any way that you want it to be. With so many options to consider, you are sure to have the right image to select from. Determine what your star will mean to you. Then consider these star tattoo ideas to help you to make the right choice.
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