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Know How To Keep Your Swimming Pools Unscathed From An Inspection

Swimming_PoolsSwimming pools lend that extra bit of wealth and elegance to your house, be it a palatial mansion or a cozy bungalow tucked away in the countryside. But apart from the occasional splash, dip and the hours of sunbathing by the pool, you will need to maintain your swimming pool in top-notch condition, safety and functionality wise that is, to escape the warning of the home inspector.

Why Does Your Swimming Pool Need Inspection?

Homeowners do not mind running from pillar to post and shelling out a handful of notes for an interior decorator who has a celebrity clientele, to do up the home. But they are noted for their apathy to get their swimming pools inspected by a professional home inspector. What they actually fail to comprehend is that a period inspection is a good way to ensure that the swimming pool lives up to the safety and hygiene standards.

Apparently all may seem well with your swimming pool, with its glistening waters and the marble-chipped pool walls. But you never be too sure about the quality of the pool water or whether the pool equipment conforms to the safety parameters. And these are concerns enough, because you need to keep in mind that your swimming pool will be used by your children and may be your aged parents also. So any loose piece of concrete on the pool steps can prove to be very dangerous, as can faulty chemical storage or persistent plumbing problems.

It is thus imperative that you take the help of an expert home inspector to flush out the flaws of your swimming pool and eliminate the chances of any mishap.

What Will The Home Inspector Prod and Probe for In Your Swimming Pool ?

There are a hundred and one things that can go wrong with your swimming pool and the worse part is that you may not even get the slightest hunch of it. This is why you need the hawk eyes of a home inspector to assure you that your swimming pool is in perfect working condition.

To elaborate, on a visit to your home and while inspecting your swimming pool, the home inspector will in particular look for the following things.

Before the home inspector touches anything and asks you any questions, he will look around for the general cleanliness of the place and the structural features. You can be very sure that his trained eyes will spot all sorts of anomalies related to your swimming pool. In fact, the general cleanliness of the water area will also serve to form a favorable opinion so that he doesn't come down too harshly on you even if your swimming pool fails to perform on a count or two.

The next thing to look for in your swimming pool is the quality of the water in it. In particular, he will be checking for the pH levels in the water, the overall alkalinity and of course the water temperature. He will also be checking the sanitizer.

It is pretty essential considering the fact that while splashing about in the pool people are apt to gulp down a few mouthfuls of water. Furthermore, there are people with quite sensitive skins and so it is important for you to ensure that the water in your swimming pool isn't of a nature that will lead to skin rashes, inflammations and itches.

Apart from the quality of the water in the pool, the safety equipment of swimming pools demand careful inspection. Thus the guard lines and the rescue hooks and rings are the things that your home inspector will definitely run through. You can be cautious at best, but you cannot prevent accidents. So the emergency phone and of course, the alarm are absolutely necessary gadgets to have in and around the pool area.

You can be rest assured that an expert home inspector will not leave any stone unturned and corners unchecked when it comes to checking your swimming pool and its adjacent area. He will be pretty finicky about the standard of your pool equipment too. He will go through every square inch of the plumbing, poke around the chemical storage area and the pump room equipment to ensure that they live up to the safety and functionality standards.

Some Handy Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips From The Home Inspector's Stable

Considering the lukewarm response that a suggestion of a swimming pool inspection evokes, it will be noteworthy to mention that a home inspector is not always there to point the flaws to you. He can be quite a helpful guide and furnish you with nifty tips and tricks to improve your swimming pool.

For instance, you can always ask your home inspector to advise you on the quantity of water treatment chemicals and the kind of liner (you will be of course, insisting upon the best of its kind, that would keep the algae and the mildew at bay) to use for your swimming pool. This particular amount depends on the swimming pool's design and volume. If you are planning to build a swimming pool in your backyard, you can also ask the home inspector to suggest a feasible shape and form. For instance, most home inspectors will suggest an above ground swimming pool to minimize the risks of young children and absent-minded adults from toppling over the edge.

Take no chances with your swimming pool. Get the help of a home inspector and ensure that your swimming pool area is the safest place in your house.

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