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Test Your Plan and Revise as You Go

Test_Your_PlanDepending on your RV experience you may already have a good idea of trip planning and travel. Most experienced RVers will tell you to not plan your trip to strictly, you will end up being burned out rather than having fun. The best way to plan your RV trip is to have a final destination in mind. You will then be able to deviate off the beaten track if you so desire. You may travel the whole country and explore every historic sight or you may choose to pack up the RV and take it to Europe. Your plan and your interests will lead you on your RV journey.

There are several places to see and visit throughout the country. Every state has their own unique personality and you will be able to take in the variety of worlds that exist in our great country. There are various ways to make your RV vacation unique to you. You may start in one direction but decide that going off another way will only add more adventure to your RV road trip. You may decide that you would like to add a theme to your trip or collect a specific souvenir on your way.

Many RVers have began collecting state magnets that they place on the side of their RV. They collect a new magnet every time they visit a new state and work their way towards having the whole country. Many RVers have even expanded into Mexico and Canada.

You can use your plan only as a guideline. If there is a place that you really want to visit in particular, then you may want to take an unconventional route in getting there. You may also choose to take historic roads and highways. The communities along these historic highways often have unique sights to see. For example, along historic Route 66 there are various interesting sights including Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and the Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Other unique stops include the Clinton, Oklahoma Route 66 Museum and Tucumcari, New Mexico is famous for their neon signs and roadside motels.

As you travel towards your destination, you may choose to stop at little restaurants where the locals hang out. Stop and have coffee with the locals and chat. See if there are any interesting stops in their community that you may be interested in seeing. Chat with people at the truck stops and gas stations and see what information they have to offer. You may also pick up local newspapers and see if there are any upcoming events or interesting festivals. If you find something you are interested in then you should camp for a few days and visit.

Many RVers have seen all they want in the United States and have decided to go off to Europe for RV vacations. Some RVers have even found that shipping their own RV was cheaper than renting or buying an RV in Europe. These RVs are typically trailer RVs and not Class A RVs. Many of these RVers agree that this is an affordable way to travel across Europe. You don't have to pay for hotels and you are able to cook your own meals with occasional restaurant meals if you wish. Many opt out of rigid tour schedules and simply drive the countryside looking for somewhere unique to visit. RVers are able to visit all the major cities but stay in the countryside. They are also able to visit historic sites at their own personal pace. Vacations may last for a few weeks to a few months. It all depends on what you can afford and your drive to explore. RVers who loved the Europe trip have also chosen to store their RV in Europe for future RV trips. Experienced Europe RVers have found that RVing in Europe is affordable and may only be $40-$50 more a day than what you would spend in a day around the house, eating out and going to the occasional movie. You may also pay hundreds of dollars per night in a hotel while you may only spend $100 a day in your RV. Your European travels may include Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France. You will have the flexibility to decide to go wherever your heart takes you.

There is nothing wrong with making a plan and trying to stick to it. Many RVers enjoy traveling this way while others enjoy the spontaneity that their RV allows. Deciding where to go and how to get there is all a part of the fun of traveling in our RV and your options are limitless. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Travel Site, part of Localwin Network.
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