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Thanksgiving in the city

Thanksgiving_in_the_CityThe Pilgrims left England and set sail on the Mayflower for New Holland, to find a home where nobody subjected them to religious persecution. Disappointed with their life in New Holland because of what they though were the Dutch's ungodly ways, they again set sail but this time headed to America. It was on December 11, 1620 that they finally landed in America on Plymouth Rock. The Pilgrims ended up losing almost half of the original group during their first devastating, horrific winter. Their luck took a turn for the better, as their fall harvest in 1621 was a very plentiful, fruitful one. The remaining Pilgrims, along with the native Indians that had helped them to make it through the terrible times, celebrated the harvest with a three-day feast and celebration.


Although Thanksgiving was celebrated over the years, sometimes on the third Thursday in November and other times on the fourth Thursday in November, it was not declared a national holiday in the United States until 1941. Congress officially declared Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the forth Thursday each November.

Each year across the country, people celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for all they have. Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends get a chance to sit down together and enjoy a fantastic meal, which usually consists of turkey and all the trimmings. In November, for those celebrating Thanksgiving in the city and across the country, it is a very busy time with all the meal planning and decorating. For many people celebrating Thanksgiving in the city, such as New York City, they start their holiday off by watching Macy's Thanksgiving parade. This is also the start of the Thanksgiving football games, which many people look forward to every year.

Decorations play an important role in Thanksgiving in the city and across the nation. Whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving feast or just love the look of festive autumn decorations, there are many beautiful ways to make your home look special. Easy decorations for anyone to make are vine autumn wreaths. Taking a simple vine wreath and adding decorations, such as berry branches, dried autumn leaves and pinecones make a wonderful and welcoming sight hanging on your front door to greet guests. Many people that celebrate Thanksgiving in the city take a day trip to the country and collect nature's treasures to use as decorations in their homes. Using beautiful fall leaves in gold's, yellows and reds on a raffia wreath, along with candles in fall colors and a bow, make wonderful decorations or centerpieces. Many store bought decorations are inexpensive but look wonderful and add to this joyful event, such as Thanksgiving themed tablecloths and napkins with a fall leaves motif.

Meal planning is very important especially if you are hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner. If you have family and friends that are staying for a few days or longer, you need your menu to include several other meals. Do your meal planning ahead of time and be sure to check your kitchen cupboards, freezer and fridge, so you know exactly what you have and what you need when you go shopping. Start your meal planning with what you require for the main dinner, which is of course Thanksgiving. Next, plan the other dinners required, but try to use what you have available in your kitchen before adding more food to your list. Once you have your dinners chosen, it is time to decide on breakfast and then lunch menus. Plan to use any leftovers, such as turkey or ham, to make some of the other meals. Use the leftover ham to make ham quiche or leftover turkey and vegetables for turkey soup, which then becomes another great meal. Do not forget beverages, desserts, snack items, paper products or other necessary items. Once your shopping list is complete, it is time to head to the grocery store. For people having Thanksgiving in the city, November is a busy time in the stores so you need plenty of time to shop ahead. Order your meat, such as a fresh turkey or baked goods, well in advance. Keep your meals menu on the fridge, so you know exactly what you need at a glance.

A proper table setting for a formal dinner does not need to be a stressful job which you dread doing. Knowing how to set a formal Thanksgiving table with the correct table setting will not only make you feel proud but the food presented will look fantastic. For a table setting, you need formal dinnerware, fine glassware, flatware and a table linen. When serving soup at each setting place the soup bowl on the dinner plate. Salad plates, usually placed above the fork, go on the dinner plate if your menu does not include soup.

With proper meal planning, wonderful Thanksgiving decorations and a beautiful table setting, this November your Thanksgiving meal will be a fabulous success. ---------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Entertaintment Site, part of Localwin Network.
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