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Toddler Activities

Toddler ActivitiesEntertaining a toddler is much more than just flipping on the television set and calling it done. This is the time in their life where they will be able to learn the most in the fastest manner. Now is the time to begin teaching them about the world around them. But, to keep them interested, activities for toddlers need to be interesting, fun to do and they should be safe as well. There are plenty of things that you can do with your child to make them learn without realizing they are doing so.

Here are some ideas for you to do with your child.

Texture And Touching. There are many different feels to things. Some things are soft and others are cold. There are many different things that children can touch to notice the difference. You can even use products such as pudding and shaving cream. In a container large enough for their hands, make up some pudding. Encourage your child to get his fingers into it and to make a picture on a sheet of paper with it. He will feel what the pudding feels like (make sure you talk about this with them) and they can taste it too, safely. For the shaving cream, you can get the feet involved. Ask questions like what does that feel like to have them really understanding what they are experiencing.

Motor Skills. Motor skills are the ways in which your child can move about. Some children are more skilled here and others need more work. For a fun activity, get all of your old phone books together (make sure that you don't care if they get ruined) and line them up in a row. Tell the child to walk across without falling down. You can do other things too, such as climbing tasks, using scissors and even just coloring to enhance these very important skills.

Exploring the world around them. Children of this age love to learn more about the things around them. In fact, a simple walk in the park will likely bring up about a hundred questions! Yet, this is the ideal time for them to begin realizing that they are not the only important things in the world. Have the child notice an ant colony and talk about it. Or, have them find a birds nest and find out what's going on inside. You should always be with the child, but talk to them and make sure that they understand what is happening.

Making learning fun is the best way to keep a child interested once you get their interest. Realize, though, that their attention span is quite short. You should realize that they will need some time to explore and get into things, but that they may wander to something new to do as well. Little bits of time and information is all they need right now. Activities for toddlers that is engaging and interesting are activities that they will want to come back to doing time and time again.
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