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Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Unique Wedding Reception IdeasUnique Wedding Reception IdeasYou're getting married. You want everything to be just right. To make your wedding memorable, consider a few unique wedding reception ideas. There are plenty of selections to consider, many of which are simplistic to do and they are generally affordable options too.

What makes them perfect for the tight budget, the hard to please crowd or the limited time that you have. When it comes to your reception, you have many areas in which you can change things up to make them different and unique. Consider the cake, the music, the food, the flowers and the tables for just a start. Yes, you can do many things, depending on what you really love and really want to make this day the perfect day for you.

Here are a few things to consider about your reception.

  • Unique Locations: If you don't want to spend a fortune on a reception hall, why not go with a better choice. Consider a backyard of someone you know. Or, consider an apartment complex (maybe a bit more upscale) clubhouse? These are generally able to be rented out and are much less costly. Reserve a public park for more outdoor beauty.
  • Unique Decorations: Streamers are boring. Instead, go with something a bit different. Consider floating candles in a bowl of your wedding colored beads on the bottom. Make some copies of the bride and groom growing up, copy them in black and white and frame. This can be a great centerpiece to talk about at the tables and great for family to take home too.
  • Unique Foods: want to make the wedding unique with foods? Consider have a pot luck reception. People want to do whatever they can to help and this is a great way to spice things up. Use a theme, if you want such as a Hawaiian theme, a hot and spicy theme or even a home style theme.
  • Unique Cost Cutting: There are many ways to cut the costs of a wedding reception. Consider small things as well as big as they will add up. Instead of name cards at the tables, print the guests number on the invitations that go out to save on printing. Consider going to a wholesale store to shop for food, paper products and accessories. Things that have the word 'wedding' on them, tend to be more expensive. A plain white table cloth will do the job just as well without costing a fortune.
Finding a variety of ways to change up your wedding is not only a great way to save a little money, but it can help you to have a memorable wedding that everyone will enjoy and remember. Your wedding will not fade in their memory but will be a great way for them to remember your special day. Of course, it is a lot more fun to use some of the unique wedding reception ideas rather than go with the same old thing.
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