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What to See and Do

What_to_SeeThere are a variety of sites to see while on your RV trip. Many people will pick a theme for their trip or they might just pick a destination and get there in a variety of ways. Other people like to have every day planned. How you plan your RV trip is up to you and there is sure to be a variety of things to see and do along the way.

One option for your RV road trip is to pick a famous highway and follow it until the end. For example, Route 66 is among the most famous highways and there are often Route 66 caravans that you can join in on. Route 66 begins in Chicago, Illinois and winds its way over two thousand miles to San Bernardino, California. Another famous highway is the Pacific Coast Highway. The Pacific Coast highway runs between Olympic National Park and San Diego, California. The route is one thousand five hundred and fifty five miles long and winds through both beautiful green forests and golden sandy beaches.

Another idea for your RV road trip is to visit the odd museums that are located across the country. An interesting museum to visit while in Washington is The Washington Banana Museum. The museum's curator is Ann Mitchell Lovell. She has assembled over four thousand different banana exhibits. From pictures from the early 1900's with people eating bananas to records in the shape of bananas, you will find an interesting experience with America's favorite fruit. Another odd museum can be found in Minnesota. This museum is The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. Some of the devices will make you twinge as you imagine what they are for and how they operate you. In this odd museum you will find the foot-operated breast enlarger, the Relaxacisor and the Battle Creek Vibratory Chair. Many of these devices have been deemed dangerous for use by the FDA and after seeing them, you will know why!

More interesting attractions include those have become somewhat of an urban legend, yet some of them really do exist. For example, the shoe tree. On Highway 50 by Middle Gate, Nevada, there stands a cottonwood tree with a history of its own. This tree holds shoes from all different styles and sizes. There are other shoe trees along Highway 395 south of Altura, California. The World's Largest Talking Cow stands in Wisconsin. The cow's name is Chatty Belle and visitors can push a button to make her talk. Chatty will tell you about interesting facts such as a cow her size would produce 270 gallons of milk. Chatty also encourages you to choose only 100% Wisconsin cheese. The largest cow is located in New Salem, North Dakota and overlooks I-94. This cow is named Salem Sue and she spends her days staring out over the fields in front of her.

Ever dreamed of seeing the world's largest fruit? Rochester, Minnesota is home to The Libby Foods corn water tower and Dublin, Ohio is home to the field of corn featuring 109 people sized white ears of corn. Orange World is located in Kissimmee, Florida. Orange World is a combination gift shop, cafe and souvenir fruit stand. Gaffney, South Carolina commissioned a giant Peachoid water tower. The peach features a leaf that weighs seven tons and is sixty-feet long. Strawberry Point, Iowa is home to the World's Largest Strawberry. The strawberry is fifteen foot tall and sits in front of the City Hall. Luling, Texas is home to an impressive Watermelon Water Tower.

If you are into more conventional sights, you might consider tailgating at a variety of college football games in your RV. RVs are the ultimate vehicle for tailgating and if you can't get tickets into the stadium, you will probably be able to watch the game in your RV. Other popular trips include NFL football stadiums and MLB baseball stadiums. Many RVers have made these types of trips and many are documented on the Internet. If you ever feel as though you are running out of sights to see, you should Google the towns you are visiting and you will be sure to find something to do.

Many people are content with just visiting the National and State Parks. If you are a frequent visitor of these parks you may want to purchase an annual pass for about $50. These will pay for themselves if you frequently visit these sites. You may also be able to reduce the camping fees that you will pay; you may find interesting spots to boondock overnight.

Interesting sights to see are scattered across the country and you never know what is lurking around the corner. Experienced RVers will also have a list of sites that they will pass on to fellow RVers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Travel Site, part of Localwin Network.
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