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How To Get Rid Of Pestering Wood Destroying Insects And Rot

Wood_Destroying_InsectsYou envelope your house with the care and warmth of rich wood and want to bask in this beauty for long. But some pests in the form of insects and rot intimidate your enjoyment.

The Wood Destroying Insects

Powder post beetles; termites and carpenter ants are some common wood destroying insects. Now you need some general knowledge about them to gear up your armor against these creepers.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants are not wood eaters but they like to huddle in it, especially in spring and early summer days. Damp and decayed woods are the favorite conditions of carpenter ants. They nestle on the ceilings, outdoor sidings, eaves, window casing, floors and inside walls. These people remain inactive during a large part of winter. Carpenter ants are a common species of North America. They feed on household food when they are indoors and on plants and insects when outdoor. They built up their colonies in the wood and leave saw dust like particles in the process, which they throw out of the colony.

Measures To Prevent Carpenter Ants

Remove the last piece of decayed wood from your house and surrounding

Treat woods in the damp prone areas with a preservative

Store sugar in a tight container and in case of an accidental spill clears it promptly

Do not store firewood within your home for long

If you want to take chemical actions against the gang of carpenter ants hire professionals

The Termites: The termites are a subterranean population who lives in the soil. The termites feed on wood, though they prefer damp woods they are also very comfortable with dry timber. The termites eat through the wood so the infestation is not easily visible. They do not like exposure to light and rarely breaks the surface of the timbers, so the damage from them remains within the wood. They build tubes or tunnels by gluing soil together of ¼" to ½" in width from soil to wood for their journey. These tubes are the clear indicators of the influx.

The Preventive Measures

The first thing you should do is to deny termite access to food I mean wood and to prevent moisture.

It is better if you can use wolmanized or pressure treated wood, which will not rot in the rain

Try to get rid of wood pieces or stubs from the foundation area of your house.

Exterminate all wood soil contacts in areas like stair casings, door facings, fences and trellises by putting them on masonry blocks or treated woods.

Try to keep at least 2 inch clearance space between the house and the soil filled porches and the planters.

Separate the shrub line from the house so that you can well inspect the line of foundation.

Try to keep a 12"to 18" clearance space between the floor beams and the soil beneath.

There is the danger of extensive harm from the termites to your home. So as soon as you notice the tubes call a professional pest control group.

Powder Post Beetles: They generally pester older homes but favorable conditions like damp wood can draw them to newer homes too.

So to prevent them clear up your residence off any wet wood.

The General Measures Against The Pests

You must have noticed that all these insects like to live in damp habitats. So you must take the following measures in general

Always keep the wood framing of your home dry and clean

Treat your exterior wooden decks with oil based stains

Keep piles of logs at last six feet away from your home.

Repair all the outer cracks of the house and redo the necessary painting from time to time.

Try and maintain leak proof roof flashings and other plumbing devices.

Install exhaust fans in bathrooms and expel the cloth dryers outside

It is essential to get rid of basement and crawlspace moisture and it is crucial to keep the substructure of the crawl space well ventilated.

Detect if there is drainage problem that can trigger moisture problem. Install a sump pump if you think it necessary.

Try to keep the distance between stucco and the grade at least 6".

Keep a watchful eye on potent soil wood contact areas like the basement window frames and where you have installed planters against the side of the house.

Lastly it is better to get a home inspection done by a certified and reputed home inspection company and equip yourself with important information about house destroying insects. The equipments needed for an inspection are a ladder, a sharp pointed screwdriver or ice pick, a flashlight and protective clothing.

The Benefits Of Home Inspection

It is better to conduct an inspection before you decide to buy a home because it will enable you to know about the potential danger and damage that may happen to your home.

Moreover, many lenders will deem an inspection certificate from a certified company necessary before entering a mortgage deal with you.

A home inspection can detect the presence of infestation early so you can take remedial measures beforehand.

The Ways To Get The Best Out Of A Home Inspection

You can negotiate with the seller of the house and choose the best inspector.

Try to be with the inspector during the inspection process and note down the possible problems and the areas that weren't inspected.

In case of prior infestation get a certificate from the seller that the house has been inspected by a licensed inspection firm and is clear of pests now with proper structural repairs done accurately.

Ensure that a good inspection is done in the attic and the staircases and keep a ladder for this purpose.

If the home is already under a contract with a pest control company call them and learn about the pest history.

Wood Rot

The fungus that is the source of wood rot needs moisture to live on so the concept of dry rot is incorrect.

The Remedies

Remove the damaged wood and replace it with a clean and dry timber

It is also vital to remove the encouraging conditions that promotes rot

So equip yourself with the knowledge and gear up your prevention for the betterment of your abode.

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