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Worst Moves Ever

Worst_Moves_EverMany people in the excitement of getting into the new house neglect both selling off and maintenance of the current house. They undergo a lot of trouble during moving to a new place. There have been times when scam movers have hijacked the owner's possessions in return for some preposterously high ransom. Sometimes, untrained employees of the movers trash the prize possessions, and do not reimburse for the same.

Planning and short-listing the moving procedure can curtail the possible threats to your security and belongings. Here are a few common mistakes one could avoid.

Not investigating about the new location before you move

Very often it so happens, that people move to a new place only to find that the neighborhood and location is not appropriate for their family or way of living. In terms of health condition, if the location is at a high altitude or the water supply is that of hard-water, it may affect people who have allergies.

Timing of your move

If you want a cheaper and easier moving, avoid moving during summer as the lease rates are considerable higher than that of the other seasons.

Hiring the mover at the last minute

People sometimes don't plan their moves and think the situation is totally under control. They are under the notion that can do the moving of the house, without hiring any professional mover or even taking help from a friend. When the day arrives, they notice that it is not easy as it seems and they would have to hire a mover, to move their luggage and belongings to the new house.

To avoid such situations, you could start early and plan out things like what are the articles that need a truck or more than two people to move it and what mode of transport could carry their belongings to the new place. Moreover the day and time of the moving should also be planned to make the other things, like joining office, or the children's enrollment school, simultaneously fall into place.

Not enquiring about the mover or the estimates

Before hiring a mover or renting a truck, one should enquire about current market rate and estimates of at least three other movers. You don't have to accept the first price given to you and can have more bargaining power during an off-peak time. A backlash of the same mistake, companies tend to low-ball moving estimates to get a good business. These low-ball moving estimates usually mean that the service would be subcontracted to another firm or the moving crew could be inexperienced.

Take the company's estimate in writing, to know the services and the terms and conditions. The companies usually raise their bill on delivery depending on the goods and number of trucks involved. Besides this you could also know the billing method of the company.

Forgetting to tell about certain furniture and hindrances to moving

In some estimates, the companies' mention, that would do the moving only if there are no steps in the house. Moving heavy furniture and delicate items is tough when you have a flight of stairs to go by. To should give an honest assessment of the condition of the house and mention about all the possible deterrents.

Not enquiring about the company or their way of payment

People sometimes take a company by their face value and not enquire about their authenticity and past client history. They also forget to ask the company, as to how and when would they like to be given their fees. Some companies don't take personal checks for long distance moving deals.

One could refer to websites of movers on the Internet and compare them to the mover you could probably hire. You could cross check the legitimacy of the company by checking for their license and insurance on federal government sites.

Being over-confident

Not to be taken as a personal trait, but when it comes to act responsibly and decide upon how you would be plan the moving, one should make a sound decision taking all the possibilities in mind.

Make a timely evaluation of whether you would need a professional mover, or you can do it by yourself. Assuming that moving yourself would be cheaper than the pro can land you into big trouble.

Neglecting important documents and money

While moving to a new place, people ignore the need to check their important documents lying in the cupboards and office desks. The movers could misplace the documents or even lose them.

Besides the mentioned mistakes, they could be many more depending on the movers and nature of the job. An individual should not act as a Type-A and over

Uncle Sam rushes to your aid in times of difficulty, but what if it's too late. Murphy very rightly said that "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong" and applying it to the present context, it sure makes sense. Being humans, people have a tendency of making mistakes, but by taking certain precautions the same can be averted. Make the moving experience a pleasant one by planning your moves. ---------------------------------------If you are a business owner get listed at Best Movingtrust Site, part of Localwin Network.

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